The Town of Essex Council Requests that Internet be Considered an Essential Service by the Provincial Government

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As Discussed at Council Sept 7th Council passed the following motion:

Moved By Deputy Mayor Meloche
Seconded By Councillor Bondy

“That the verbal report/presentation by Councillor Bjorkman regarding
attendance participation at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO)
2021 Conference be received;

That Council recognizes the need for broadband internet to be an essential
service by adopting the following resolution:
Whereas broadband internet is essential for life tasks including education,
workforce, healthcare, and is a fundamental element of an inclusive and
sustainable world;

Whereas the global pandemic has heightened the awareness of the problems
that the lack of reliable and stable access to broadband and digital connectivity
have on residents;

Whereas an increasing number of information resources, including
government resources and services, are available solely online;
Therefore, be it resolved that the Council of the Town of Essex does hereby call
upon the Province of Ontario to deem Broadband Internet as an essential
service and to provide support to all municipalities so that all residents of
Ontario can have access to broadband as an integral part of their daily
lives; and further that a letter requesting support be sent to the Honorable

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario
(AMO) and all local municipalities”.

You can see the discussion on our YouTube Channel during the Sept 7th meeting starting at the 1:16 minute mark. Councillor Bjorkman brought a report from his AMO conference and council worked together to lobby the Ford government to make it an essential service.

Our Letter of Support—Internet-as-an-Essential-Service.pdf