My Statement Regarding Mr. Snively

My Statement regarding Larry Snively’s plea with the Honourable Court January 7th, 2022 on the Charge of Procuring Persons to vote without being entitled to do so.

On January 7th, 2022, a plea deal of guilty was entered in the Provincial Offences Court.  “The plea of guilty was entered freely and voluntarily by Mr. Snively. He admits that he induced or procured persons to vote when they were not entitled to do so contrary to the Municipal Elections Act, and as a result of this act, is guilty of that offence. Some of the voters who signed the proxy form had language barriers, were elderly or otherwise vulnerable, with one voter diagnosed with dementia.” The judge stated that in 23 years, she has never presided over an offence such as this.

This was deemed a public welfare offence which is designed not to punish moral wrongs, but to protect the members of our community at large through the Municipal Elections Acts and afford them the opportunity to exercise their democratic right of voting in a fair and open manner. 

On the 22nd day of October 2018 the Municipal Elections Act was violated and on January 7th the Municipal Elections Act failed to protect the electorate from a Mayor who violated the Act.  It is time we now work to fix the Municipal Elections Act at the Provincial level.  What happened in Essex should never happen to any other town or candidates running in the election.  In my opinion the residents of Essex and the Candidates did not get a fair election.   How many people would of voted for Mr. Snively had they known what was coming? How many others were involved to some degree? 

Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Our eyes are open. Breaking rules and laws that are set in place to protect voters and the democratic process in an attempt to win an election is inexcusable. Our officials are elected by the people for the people and moral character is very important.  It is also important to know and understand the type of representative you are voting for. Elected officials need to be held to higher standards.  Transparency and accountability are a must. When discussing culpability, it’s not very often that the left hand is unaware of what the right hand is doing. It saddens me a great deal that the old regime chose to do business this way, trying to take away the voice of the voters for personal gain. How many knew of Mr. Snively’s proxy plan? Who benefited politically by turning a blind eye and pretending there was nothing to see for 3 long years. Who was crucified for lifting the carpet and exposing the truth? 

Strong, honest leadership is what you deserve. 

Moving forward some justice has been served for the community and loopholes have been closed to prevent this from happening again in Essex through the hard work of our Clerks Department.  My next hope is that changes are  implemented province wide and that Mr. Snively finally finds it in his heart to walk away for the betterment of the Town like he should have done 3 long years ago.  Elected Officials are supposed to put service before personal gain.  So I ask Mr. Snively please serve your community with your resignation.  They are asking for it, it is finally time to do the right thing. 

As a Councillor in the Town of Essex, I will continue to serve you to the best of my ability, putting serving you above personal gain.  I realize that if Mr. Snively does resign that most likely Deputy Mayor Richard Meloche would walk in as chair until the election.  This does not in any way change my plans for the upcoming election.  I fully intend to run for Mayor and fully intend to be the best Mayor our Town has ever had if given the opportunity.  

On October 24th of this year, vote for the person who tried everything to stop this from happening, not the people who sat back while it happened because they had political gain because of it.  The consequences of speaking up have followed me for 3 years. I was snubbed, bullied and ostracized by the Mayor, while others stood by watching.  

“To Ignore evil is to become accomplice to it”   MLK 

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