Update: Power Failures Over the Holiday

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I do not have a report on the cause of the flickers in our area during the holidays… collectively we need to call and report power outages to our providers.

Details Requested Please

I have been in contact with Hydro One and we need more details of any power outages and flickers. It is imperative we work together to track and bring as much information to our service providers as possible. Hydro One and Elk need to know of locations and times because once the flicker has passed it is hard to track down what happened unless they have details. I want a safe and reliable power supply, just like you but Council can not do it alone. We need your help. Please feel free to keep letting me know but I also need you to let your provider know as well.

All residents and businesses impacted by the power flickers and outages please call your utility provider. I am currently seeking information from Hydro One regarding the causes of the outages that occurred Dec 26th and Dec 27th, 2021.

If they do not receive complaints from the community it will not help us fix the problem so please call them to complain. Town council can do little to fix this other than lobby for improvements which we are doing.

E.L.K. Energy:


E.L.K Customer Service

Hydro One:


You can also email Town Council or myself to keep us aware of the number of outages you are receiving.

Essex Town Council:


Sherry Bondy